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Brand creation

All of our work centers around brand one way or another. Either we’re helping existing brands adjust or reinvent their message or we’re helping start-ups build a brand from the ground up.
We don’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ process for brand because, well, every brand is different and has different needs, but we do have an approach based on rigour, truth and simplicity. After all, why make the complex complex?

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Fitness for Purpose

Every brand has a different narrative and some of them like purpose driven De Fryske have a powerful sustainability story to tell. We work to be flexible in our approach and really listen to what the brand, company and opportunity need, so our our work delivers the story brilliantly and your brand grows from strength to strength.


Brand strategy

When the challenge demands it, we have a tried and tested methodology with specific tools that we use selectively to explore, understand and then make decisions for the brand relative to the market space and opportunity. We’re not tool driven, but believe strongly in rigour and integrity in answering the brand challenge.

Asset aware

Not every brand has the luxury of an endless marketing budget or choice of channels to engage consumers through. We craft brand communication around what brands can achieve both short and long term and how engagement channels can change over time.

Driven by the senses

Branding is so much more than just ‘eye candy’ and brands today need to engage with consumers through all senses. When we explore a brand opportunity, we automatically look to identify the best connections to make with the target audience, whether it’s hipster iconography, seductive sounds or even the way some water falls (we’ve done that!)

See how we approach brand creation

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