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De Fryske design brand syamorethree

Responsible cheese

What has a bird got to do with cheese?

In this case, everything!


De Fryske, a new premium entrant into the highly competitive Dutch cheese market needed to make first impressions count and clearly communicate its story, purpose and promise to consumers from the start. With sustainable farming central to the company ethos, our identity needed to reflect both the quality and strength of the cheese alongside their commitment to the environment.


At this point, in steps the godwit; migratory wader and increasingly rare visitor to Friesland. With industrial farming encroaching upon suitable habit, De Fryske is pioneering a fallow initiative to ensure meadow regeneration is an ongoing part of the dairy farming cycle, which has encouraged the bird, amongst other wildlife to return.


As a representation of the region, the pride of the people, the love of the land and the age-old traditions for making good cheese, she became the perfect symbol and now sits "pride of place" in our main lock-up.

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