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Packaging design

We have designed and developed branded fmcg packaging for many years and our designs have won several major design awards. We have worked for big brands and start-ups alike and our experience extends from early interpretation of the brand brief and developing compelling
concepts through to working with supply chain teams to bring the design to market.

sycamorethree_brand GPs.jpg

Brand driven

We design packaging through the eyes of brand. Every FMCG packaging touchpoint is a chance for a brand to connect to it’s
consumers and communicate the brand values and narrative and we design this thinking into every aspect of the packaging.


Graphic and structure

We design compelling brand graphics and effective and efficient packaging structure so that not only are both maximised for brand communication, but so that both work together to tell one engaging story.

Supply chain engaged

We engage with client supply chain teams early in a project so that their learning and experience benefit the development and help to get the packaging to the market in great shape. In our experience this makes all the difference once the design is approved and heads towards production, and working with and not against these teams is key to project success.

End to end design

Our creative team works with the latest 2D & 3D design tools to ensure that the design intent reaches the shelf in fine shape. We have a fully digital workflow from brief to graphic, structure and in-house model shop to ensure accuracy and integrity throughout the design process.

See how we approach packaging design

sycamorethree_Nadec_CreamCheese_01 sm1.j

Previous projects (sycamorethree & other)


Nero software

Nadec dairy

Dove, Axe, Rexona

La Concorde

Bayer Jasmin

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