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We are sycamorethree

an award-winning creative studio based in Amsterdam, founded on over 25 years of experience designing product and packaging experiences for some of the biggest, and smallest brands globally.


We are passionate about crafting beautiful and meaningful design for business and consumers alike, to disrupt categories and bring energy and vitality to brands, but also bring a smile to consumers in their everyday lives.

We believe in success

For us, this lies in both peer and market recognition.


Our work today and in the past has won numerous design awards, but more important for us is how our creative thinking resonates in the market, improving consumer's daily lives, and helping businesses to raise ROI and optimise market opportunity.

Our design work exists in many markets and has helped start-ups get started, No2 brands become No1, and in some cases our designs have lasted more than 14 years in market, providing lasting returns and category growth for our clients.

Packaging Design

We have been designing packaging in roles in agency and industry for over 25 years, working in both 2D and 3D and in markets from soft-drinks to software and cameras to cheese.


Our approach to creating award winning packaging is focussed both on brilliant brand communication, but also getting this narrative to the market in great shape and into consumer's hands.


Our capability runs from early concept design, developing consumer insight into compelling design concepts, through to artwork and delivery where we actively engage with supply chain to ensure cost is minimised and impact maximised all the way to market.

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Product design page

Creating awesome product experiences is where we cut many of our teeth. We are passionate about delivering technology and innovative thinking to consumers in gorgeous form, faultless detailing and impeccable performance.


However, we understand that design is only one key component of the ‘To-Market’ development journey, so we connect early with production partners at the beginning of each project to understand their capabilities and methodologies, which in turn enables us to explore bigger ideas and uncover greater design opportunities.

Brand design

Every brand has a unique story to tell; an insightful, value driven narrative delivering a point of difference that resonates with consumers.


As much about defining a brand's values and principles as it is about stripping away the unnecessary, we uncover true meaning and opportunity. We align brand and creative expression to drive an emotionally-charged relationship with consumers, elevating their consideration and choice towards loyalty and love.

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Many people preach about innovation.

We prefer to get our hands dirty and ‘do’ innovation. For us, innovation is not a fancy day out or a bolt-on activity, it is a commitment to delivering unique, value-added and sustainable business advantages.


Of course, it needs to be done well, and our process drives both incremental and disruptive innovation through a strategically led approach fed by research and insight, nurtured and brought to life by creatives, and measured in business performance and market success.

If you have a brand creative challenge, send us an email, give us a call,

send a text, post a letter or send a carrier pigeon; whatever works for you

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Tweede Jan Steenstraat 78h Amsterdam

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 6 1443 0602

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