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Product development

We have product design in our blood and have been creating product experiences for clients recently and over the last 25 years. This experience has brought with it great insight into best practise in both creating stand out products, but also getting them to market in good shape, and the products we have designed have helped businesses and brands globally.


Concept creation

In our approach to product design we use both analogue and digital tools to full effect and have an end to end digital workflow, from first sketches to production data. This allows us to work accurately to real world requirements from the start.

sycamorethree_CNC sm2.jpg

Design development

We utilise high end CAD from early on in our process ensuring data accuracy from the start, letting the designers fully explore the product form, proportion and detailing while also constantly referencing the technical package.

Design engineering

We take the design all the way to handover to the production team and our design engineers craft the design so it’s ready for DFE or the toolmaker. Utilising market leading CAD ensures we can engineer to client specifications and deliver data to most production partners.


In our in-house modelshop we use CNC and 3D printing to create models as a part of the design process, so our designers are constantly feeling and interacting with the products they create. We also create looks-like models that can be used for research as well as internal approval processes.

See how we approach product development


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