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SG Playcentral

Scientific Games, a longtime client of sycamorethree, approached us to create their latest gaming-vending experience for roll-out across the US.


The terminal delivers a high technology vending  experience to bring increased user experience and significant back-end measurement of sales and buying trends.


Our design delivered this high-tech function in a supremely simple and intuitive manner so as to keep the terminal efficient and productive but also communicate the market-leading technology driving the experience. The product has been rolled out over the entire US and set a new standard in vending experience for SG.


Our early design exploration
centered on delivering a simple yet effective experience for busy customers who would usually engage in games as an add-on to their shopping experience.


A 42" touch panel gave consumers a fully immersive user experience and allowed for a variety of communication and offers to be made at one time.

We also worked smartly around the current internal structural framework and this reduced investment considerably while allowing us to create a visually distinctive design that would stand out in crowded retail spaces.

The successful product introduction led to the development of a market first 54" option introduced in Walmart nationwide

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