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Michelin star mastery

La Concorde is a modest Belgian family business that has been producing and delivering cream, and only cream, to some of the world's best restaurants for over 70 years. Their singular focus on cream said to us not only expertise, but passion and a real commitment to quality, so when sycamorethree was tasked with re-crafting the entire packaging range, our job was focused on clearly communicating this rich story through language familiar to their artisan customers.


Our work considered not only the quality of the products but also the professional service of the company, so we employed a visual language rooted in the kitchen and the world of the chef while also hinting at the modest pride of the family business. The rollout included dozens of new formats and SKUs, with La Concorde now safe in the knowledge that the packaging finally measures up to the Michelin-starred quality of the products inside.

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