B&W UV pro
Premium lens cleaning
Tjolk dairy drink
Vintage brand refresh
SG Wave C
Lottery terminal
De Fryske
Grass-up brand creation
SG Wave Scan
Lottery system
Nadec RSA
Dairy range
Unilever Roll-ons
We designed the roll-ons for  Unilever's Dove, Axe and Rexona. Male and female variants were created to effectively reflect each individual brand while optimising the supply chain. This packaging is still fresh in the market more than a decade after launch. This work was done at a previous agency.
 SG Wave X
Lottery terminal
Bayer Yasmin
We  designed an advanced contraceptive regimen delivery system for Bayer pharma. The product allowed easy yet close management of contraception for extended regiment customers utilising innovative pill packaging and an e-ink display. This work was begun at a previous agency.
Winterspring desserts
Brand packaging
La Concorde
Dairy packaging icon
Gul - Bamse
Watches for little wrists
La Concorde
Entire packaging range
SG checker
Lottery system
Revitalising a much loved brand
La Concorde
A-ware group
Royal dairy branding
Yoga branding/naming
De Fryske cheese
Premium dairy branding
Fashion tech brand / UI